Tips to avoid common mistakes vets make 

Vets are also humans and as we all make mistakes, they can also make errors. Although Veterinary Dubai clinics employ well experienced and certified vets in their field, still errors may occur. But their slight mistake can become a big blunder and can mean life or death for your pet. You should be aware of the common mistakes that may occur and how you can do to avoid them. It’s very hard to guess when and how often medical errors happen with our pets. Here are listed the most common veterinary mistakes.

  • Errors in Surgery

Under surgery may come cases of sterilizing a male cat to more serious errors such as leaving something in the abdominal cavity or operating the wrong leg. Ensure that your veterinary clinic identifies your pet properly with a name tag. Discuss the exact issue with the surgeon. Ask whether or not they use a checklist in surgery, about the type of anaesthesia and the recovery. Ask whether your pet will be adequately monitored after surgery. Also, ensure that your pet is properly examined on the day of surgery before any type of anaesthesia is given. Confirm if there are any concerns about your pet’s health and anaesthesia.

  • Errors in Diagnosis

There might be circumstances when your pet gets diagnosed with the wrong disease, or your concerns not being taken seriously. This is risky as serious diseases will not be diagnosed. For this, it is essential to ask as many questions and be very concerned. Ask if the diagnostic test is required. Ask for a referral if you think your older vet is missing something serious.

  • Errors in Medication 

Medications may get mixed up or prescribed at the incorrect dose. This happens when either staff is not taking proper care to ensure whether the medication written on the label actually matches the medication being dispensed. To avoid this, ask various questions such as What is the drug name? What is it for? How much of the medication should you give and how often? Confirm if any medication given to your pet is a tablet or injection. 

  • Fleeing of Pets

There are many times when a pet escapes at a veterinary clinic. Most of the time they get quickly caught, but occasionally they make it out. In this case, you want to ensure that the veterinary practice takes your concerns seriously and keep all the doors shut when moving pets to the surgery or treatment room. This problem can be easily avoided if your pet is well trained.

  • Errors in Vaccines

Cases of injecting things in the wrong place, or injecting things that shouldn’t be injected are also common. Other injection problems include not calculating the correct dose, and injecting too much of a drug. This usually happens with insulin, sending diabetics into shock. Once again you need to be clear on what your pet is getting for medication, ask what it is for and if that is the correct dose.

Mistakes may happen and many more than you think. As a concerned pet owner, you can prevent any of these from happening to your pet by being involved. Ask questions about veterinary practice and veterinarian. Asking questions may remind them if they are missing on something and this may prevent errors from happening. You can’t prevent all, but you can prevent most of them. Searching for a certified and best Veterinary Dubai? Vet Veterinary Clinic is a top and leading pet clinic having dealt with numerous successful cases and satisfied clients.