Some gorgeous red nails designs to try

As we know that red nails are a classic manicure option. You can opt for this versatile look for a sophisticated event, a day at the office, or a romantic dinner. Instead of opting to paint them yourself and giving a boring and basic style, you can choose to visit a nail salon Dubai or call for their services at home. the professional stylists  will play with tones, top coat of the nail paint, the shape of your nails or even the decorations to make your red nails stand out. Here is a list of options to take the red nails to the next level.

Matte red nails

Finishes from satin to glitter to high shine, makes your scarlet manicure look outstanding. But a matte top coat will give a modern twist to your red nails. A matte finish makes your red nails look opulent and quite unusual and therefore attracts the attention of many. The stylist may also add either a matte or shiny feature nail to add to the sophisticated look.

Metallic red nails 

The metallic nail trend has been there for long and is not going out of style anytime soon. You can ask the stylist to go with a cool chrome look to make your manicure look outstanding. In this the stylist would use a ‘mirror’ or ‘chrome’ powder mixed with the nail polish. She would also use some specific tools to achieve the foiled finish of metallic nails.

Red and pastel nails

Red and pastel is an unusual color combination for your manicure. You can ask your nail stylist to add a coral red feature nail and paint the rest in the pink pastel family. This simple manicure style gets an unexpectedly striking look with a pop of bold, saturated color.

Red and white candy nails

You can give your nails a kaleidoscopic look by this swirly manicure inspired by the retro treats and wrappers. Your stylist can achieve that psychedelic ’60s vibe by painting your nails with red and white candy stripes either diagonally or vertically.