Disposable contact lenses are simple yet powerful

Eyeglasses have been used throughout time for correcting vision. But there were not as many styles as there are now. Since people lost or broke their glasses often, they always wanted to have a better alternative to eyeglasses.  And as technology advanced, contact lenses were invented. One could easily wear them directly into their eyes to correct vision problems. Today, you can get different kinds of contact lenses UAE that are soft and flexible and can be easily worn or removed. Out of the many types of contacts, we shall be discussing about the types and benefits of disposable contact lenses in this article.

* Disposable Contact Lenses – you can discard them or replace them within two weeks.

* Frequent replacement lenses – you have to replace them within a month or three.

* Extended wear lenses – you can sleep wearing them for a time of two weeks and then dispose them.

* Daily disposable lenses – these contacts can be easily removed and discarded every night, without having you to bother about cleaning solutions.  However the replacement schedule should be determined by you and your doctor.

* Day and night Contact Lenses – You can wear these lenses day and night for up to 30 days. After that these are removed and disposed off. These save you the time of cleaning the lenses every day and night.

Some of the benefits of using disposable contact lenses

  •         The lenses are sterile with low risk of infections.
  •         No time for protein and calcium build up as the lenses is disposed off.
  •         You can get a clearer vision.
  •         No requirement of cleaning solutions.
  •         You don’t have to worry about cleaning or storing them.
  •         Daily disposable contact lenses are ideal for you if you have allergies.

If you do not like to wear contacts all the time, then these contact lenses are cheap and best solution for correcting vision.

You must discuss with your eye care physician if you have decided to use disposable contact lenses. He would give you the best prescription and will recommend the kind of disposable contact lenses that will suit you perfectly.

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