Tips to avoid common mistakes vets make 

Vets are also humans and as we all make mistakes, they can also make errors. Although Veterinary Dubai clinics employ well experienced and certified vets in their field, still errors may occur. But their slight mistake can become a big blunder and can mean life or death for your pet. You should be aware of the common mistakes that may occur and how you can do to avoid them. It’s very hard to guess when and how often medical errors happen with our pets. Here are listed the most common veterinary mistakes.

  • Errors in Surgery

Under surgery may come cases of sterilizing a male cat to more serious errors such as leaving something in the abdominal cavity or operating the wrong leg. Ensure that your veterinary clinic identifies your pet properly with a name tag. Discuss the exact issue with the surgeon. Ask whether or not they use a checklist in surgery, about the type of anaesthesia and the recovery. Ask whether your pet will be adequately monitored after surgery. Also, ensure that your pet is properly examined on the day of surgery before any type of anaesthesia is given. Confirm if there are any concerns about your pet’s health and anaesthesia.

  • Errors in Diagnosis

There might be circumstances when your pet gets diagnosed with the wrong disease, or your concerns not being taken seriously. This is risky as serious diseases will not be diagnosed. For this, it is essential to ask as many questions and be very concerned. Ask if the diagnostic test is required. Ask for a referral if you think your older vet is missing something serious.

  • Errors in Medication 

Medications may get mixed up or prescribed at the incorrect dose. This happens when either staff is not taking proper care to ensure whether the medication written on the label actually matches the medication being dispensed. To avoid this, ask various questions such as What is the drug name? What is it for? How much of the medication should you give and how often? Confirm if any medication given to your pet is a tablet or injection. 

  • Fleeing of Pets

There are many times when a pet escapes at a veterinary clinic. Most of the time they get quickly caught, but occasionally they make it out. In this case, you want to ensure that the veterinary practice takes your concerns seriously and keep all the doors shut when moving pets to the surgery or treatment room. This problem can be easily avoided if your pet is well trained.

  • Errors in Vaccines

Cases of injecting things in the wrong place, or injecting things that shouldn’t be injected are also common. Other injection problems include not calculating the correct dose, and injecting too much of a drug. This usually happens with insulin, sending diabetics into shock. Once again you need to be clear on what your pet is getting for medication, ask what it is for and if that is the correct dose.

Mistakes may happen and many more than you think. As a concerned pet owner, you can prevent any of these from happening to your pet by being involved. Ask questions about veterinary practice and veterinarian. Asking questions may remind them if they are missing on something and this may prevent errors from happening. You can’t prevent all, but you can prevent most of them. Searching for a certified and best Veterinary Dubai? Vet Veterinary Clinic is a top and leading pet clinic having dealt with numerous successful cases and satisfied clients. 

Question pet owners should ask their veterinarian

If you are wishing to own a pet or you are already a pet owner, making an appointment to a good vet at the vet clinic Dubai will surely help. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you decide that you are ready to have a pet. A veterinarian can be a great source of information if you are not acquainted much in this field. 

So, whether you own a pet or planning to own one soon, make sure you reach out to a good vet. Ask your heart out and when you are comfortable with the veterinarian’s answers, you have found the right one! Here are some important questions that you shouldn’t miss to ask your veterinarian.

What kind of pet do you recommend?

Raising and proper maintenance of a pet is not an easy feat. It is as difficult as taking care of our own baby. They are an investment and need you to invest your time, money, and patience. Some pets have bad temper while some need extra care. Only a vet can guide you with the best one to own. So, before you proceed further to buy a pet consult with a veterinarian. By consulting a veterinarian, you can avoid many difficult and challenging situations. 

Where should I find my pet?

There are many great options for finding new pets. Unfortunately, many pets out there were bred incorrectly and may have genetic issues. It is best to avoid pet stores and online purchases. If you do not need a full breed pet, you can always visit your local animal shelter or contact a rescue organization. 

Should I invest in pet insurance?

Animal health care can be expensive and pet insurance definitely a necessity. It is something you should discuss with a veterinarian before any actual injury or illness happens. Vets often have to put down pets because the owners could afford to pay for an expensive procedure. Pet insurance may be a great investment for your pet.

Is my pet ready to learn new things?

Pets do need training and no pet is too old to learn new tricks. Your vet should be able to provide you with advice on training. Positive training can help you fix any bad habits your pet may have and help them learn new tricks. Training is especially important when it comes to aggressive pets.

Is my pet overweight?

Your pets can become overweight and. Ask your vet for their help for overweight pets. You can also and what kind of diet you should offer your pets. Overweight animals are more likely to have health problems and even behavioural problems. Timely concern can help your pet from getting into any health issue. 

There is nothing more exciting than welcoming a furry friend into your home. Start your investigation process with meeting veterinarians to find out the best. Vet Veterinary clinic is one popular vet clinic Dubai having a team of expert veterinarians to guide you the best. They have good knowledge and understanding of different types of pets and their breeds.  

Tips for choosing the best coloured contact lenses

Many people, especially women make use of coloured contact lenses to enhance their looks and appearance for any occasion. But when it comes to choosing the right pair of lenses, the task can be quite confusing. This can be even tough for beginners. So if you are among them and looking to buy a pair of contact lenses Dubai then you have landed on the right page. Here is a list of essential tips that can help you in quickly and effectively choosing the right coloured lenses that suit your requirement.

  •   Color of your Eye

Your natural eye color can help in making an appropriate choice in colored contact lenses. You can choose enhancement color contact lenses, if your eye color is light. This type of lens will make your eyes appear bright without giving a fake look. If your eye color is dark, you can consider opaque color contacts.

  •   Kind of look

You can choose from different hues and shade of contacts according to the look you prefer. For a stunning bright appearance you can go with Sapphire, or Violet color of contact lenses. Such lenses will give you a brilliant noticeable look and great for evening parties. If you prefer a subtle appearance then choose color that has lesser hue and still give you brilliant looking eyes.

  •   Check for the comfort

Well, the colored lenses that you wear should not only look good, but also feel good at the same time. Consider the duration that you would wear your colored lenses and then invest accordingly. You can get monthly or yearly disposable contact lenses. If you want to regularly wear your colored contacts, then you can go with monthly disposable and replaceable contact lenses to avoid protein build up. And if you want to wear blue or green eyes occasionally then you must go with yearly replacement contact lenses.

  •   Get a prescription from your eye doctor

A prescription from a qualified eyes doctor is required before you buy your color contact lenses. Contact lenses of any kind (colored or not) are classified as medical devices, and therefore you should be examined by qualified eye practitioners even if you have a perfect eye vision.

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Disposable contact lenses are simple yet powerful

Eyeglasses have been used throughout time for correcting vision. But there were not as many styles as there are now. Since people lost or broke their glasses often, they always wanted to have a better alternative to eyeglasses.  And as technology advanced, contact lenses were invented. One could easily wear them directly into their eyes to correct vision problems. Today, you can get different kinds of contact lenses UAE that are soft and flexible and can be easily worn or removed. Out of the many types of contacts, we shall be discussing about the types and benefits of disposable contact lenses in this article.

* Disposable Contact Lenses – you can discard them or replace them within two weeks.

* Frequent replacement lenses – you have to replace them within a month or three.

* Extended wear lenses – you can sleep wearing them for a time of two weeks and then dispose them.

* Daily disposable lenses – these contacts can be easily removed and discarded every night, without having you to bother about cleaning solutions.  However the replacement schedule should be determined by you and your doctor.

* Day and night Contact Lenses – You can wear these lenses day and night for up to 30 days. After that these are removed and disposed off. These save you the time of cleaning the lenses every day and night.

Some of the benefits of using disposable contact lenses

  •         The lenses are sterile with low risk of infections.
  •         No time for protein and calcium build up as the lenses is disposed off.
  •         You can get a clearer vision.
  •         No requirement of cleaning solutions.
  •         You don’t have to worry about cleaning or storing them.
  •         Daily disposable contact lenses are ideal for you if you have allergies.

If you do not like to wear contacts all the time, then these contact lenses are cheap and best solution for correcting vision.

You must discuss with your eye care physician if you have decided to use disposable contact lenses. He would give you the best prescription and will recommend the kind of disposable contact lenses that will suit you perfectly.

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Some gorgeous red nails designs to try

As we know that red nails are a classic manicure option. You can opt for this versatile look for a sophisticated event, a day at the office, or a romantic dinner. Instead of opting to paint them yourself and giving a boring and basic style, you can choose to visit a nail salon Dubai or call for their services at home. the professional stylists  will play with tones, top coat of the nail paint, the shape of your nails or even the decorations to make your red nails stand out. Here is a list of options to take the red nails to the next level.

Matte red nails

Finishes from satin to glitter to high shine, makes your scarlet manicure look outstanding. But a matte top coat will give a modern twist to your red nails. A matte finish makes your red nails look opulent and quite unusual and therefore attracts the attention of many. The stylist may also add either a matte or shiny feature nail to add to the sophisticated look.

Metallic red nails 

The metallic nail trend has been there for long and is not going out of style anytime soon. You can ask the stylist to go with a cool chrome look to make your manicure look outstanding. In this the stylist would use a ‘mirror’ or ‘chrome’ powder mixed with the nail polish. She would also use some specific tools to achieve the foiled finish of metallic nails.

Red and pastel nails

Red and pastel is an unusual color combination for your manicure. You can ask your nail stylist to add a coral red feature nail and paint the rest in the pink pastel family. This simple manicure style gets an unexpectedly striking look with a pop of bold, saturated color.

Red and white candy nails

You can give your nails a kaleidoscopic look by this swirly manicure inspired by the retro treats and wrappers. Your stylist can achieve that psychedelic ’60s vibe by painting your nails with red and white candy stripes either diagonally or vertically.


Hiring tips for interior design companies

There are many firms that claim to be the best interior design companies in Dubai. And this thing may often confuse you if are thinking to work with one of them. With so many options to pick from, the tips given below will certainly be helpful in selecting the right one.

Designing tips for homes

Interior designers can help in bestowing a unique beauty and charm to a house. They know how and what furniture to fit in, what kind of décor to be placed and overall breathe in a new soul into a building. They know how to manage all things so that your haven not only draws the attention of your guests but also keeps you energized. Choose the one having a good amount of experience and skilful employs who excel in their particular work of construction.

Designing tips for business

Since every company has their individual design needs, therefore you must always ensure of hiring an interior design company that has office designing as a specialty. They will make sure that your workspace is not only comfortable for you, but also is welcoming for the guests. They also ensure to provide your office with the right level of professionalism.


An interior design company hire will not cost a fortune and is available at affordable price. You have to do a little research and you certainly will be able to hire the right one that fits in your budget and giving a pleasing design.

Considerable factors

When selecting an interior design company, make sure that it is well reputed. Go through their testimonials and portfolio to know about their previous quality works.